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The Business School Alliance for Health Management (BAHM) is pleased to sponsor Health Management, Policy and Innovation (HMPI).

HMPI is currently in negotiation to merge with another journal. We are unable to divulge the name of our partner but it is an established journal with a greater focus on economics. We envision that the new journal will contain both long and short research papers as well as essays, with an emphasis on economics, management, and policy. We continue to accept submissions for peer review. However, while we do not envision a delay in reviewing new submissions, we can no longer be sure to achieve our desired 3-6 month turnaround. If you have submitted a paper and would like to withdraw it, please let us know.

The Business School Alliance for Health Management (BAHM) is pleased to sponsor Healthcare Management, Policy and Innovation (HMPI). HMPI gives academics a forum for circulating ideas and research aimed at improving managerial practice and public policy in the health sector. The target audience is academics, managers, policy makers, and students. HMPI will publish:

  • Short original research papers on topics relevant to health sector
    management and public policy.
  • Essays containing deeper analysis than is available in blogs or Op-Ed pages
  • Comments from readers

To promote visibility and circulation, Healthcare Management, Policy and Innovation will be published online.

Why this journal?

Scholars writing in the fields of management and economics have ideas and data that can help improve the health care sector, but their contributions often fail to reach the right audience. This is partly because scholarly journals often suffer from very long lead times, and are narrowly focused on a readership of technical experts. In addition, health services research and medical journals are sometimes unable to take a sufficiently deep dive into managerial/economic issues or provide the objectivity, rigor and detail that discipline-based social-science research can provide.

HMPI is designed to fill this void. The publication will contain short, scholarly essays on current issues in health sector management and public policy, together with short research pieces. Both the essays and research pieces will be written for an audience of well-informed and interested non-specialists. To ensure both accessibility and high quality, the essays will be curated by the editorial board and the short research pieces will additionally pass through a peer-review process.

Editorial Board

David Dranove
Northwestern University
Executive Editor

Lawton R. Burns
University of Pennsylvania

Leemore Dafny
Northwestern University

James Rebitzer
Boston University

Robert Town
University of Pennsylvania

Michael Millenson
Health Quality Advisors, LLC


Fifth issue available now: January 2014

HMPI Journal Volume 2, Issue 1

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Information for Subscribers

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