Word From The Editors

On behalf of the editorial team – Regina Herzlinger (Harvard), Kristiana Raube (Berkeley), Kevin Schulman (Duke), Lawrence Van Horn (Vanderbilt), and myself (University of Toronto) –  I am delighted to welcome you to Issue 2 of the relaunch of HMPI.  We are continuing to publish articles that are central to HMPI’s core goal: We draw from the research and experience of scholars and practicing leaders to provide relevant insights for public and private organizations in the international health sector.

Issue 2 has an exciting set of articles – directed at the transformation of health care systems in the U.S. and around the world. The authors of these articles draw from a deep base of experience and research to identify both high-level patterns of systemic changes and focal level changes for actors within healthcare systems, including hospital emergency departments, innovative healthcare providers, supply chain managers, and others in the public, for-profit, and NGO sectors.

The health sector in many countries makes up more than 10% of GNP, while facing extensive management challenges to provide affordable services, high quality, and broad access. Scholars and experienced executives in management, policy, and innovation have insights that can help improve the health care sector, but their contributions often fail to reach the right audience of practicing leaders. Quite simply, scholarly journals are typically narrowly targeted toward  technical experts, while health services research and medical journals rarely pay sufficient attention to managerial issues.

HMPI seeks to fill this void, building on work from the initial launch of the journal by an editorial team led by Professor David Dranove. HMPI contains short essays and research pieces on current issues in health sector management and public policy around the world. The articles are written for an audience of well-informed non-specialists. To ensure both high quality and accessibility, the articles are curated by the editors and the journal’s editorial board.

We welcome your comments about the ideas that the article spark. There are two ways you can weigh in. The BAHM Forum on LinkedIn [https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7042389] provides an ongoing location for discussions, as does HMPI@HMPI_Journal. In addition, we are opening Issue 2 to comments from readers. We welcome your thoughtful insights..

We welcome ideas for potential articles. If you have an idea that you would like to explore for HMPI, please send an outline of your article to our editorial team. And, of course, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Will Mitchell
Professor of Strategic Management
Anthony S. Fell Chair in New Technologies and Commercialization
Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto