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Erika Lynn-Green, Arjun Venkatesh, Howard P. Forman, Yale University

Strategies to Improve Care in the Emergency Department — the De Facto Multispecialty Clinic of the 21st Century

The modern emergency department has become an overcrowded destination for not only trauma and acute care, but for non-emergent services. A combination of operational and financial solutions can turn the ED into a success story that benefits both patients and the hospital.

Regi’s “Innovating in Health Care” Cases

“Regi”, aka Regina E. Herzlinger, is the Nancy McPherson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and author of bestselling trade books on healthcare. “Regi’s ‘Innovating in Health Care’ Cases”, a regular HMPI feature, highlights teaching materials that focus on innovating across healthcare. In this issue, Regi looks at attempts to innovate in retail medicine. Read More

Word from the Editors

On behalf of the editorial team – Regina Herzlinger (Harvard), Kristiana Raube (UC Berkeley), Kevin Schulman (Duke), Lawrence Van Horn (Vanderbilt), and myself (University of Toronto) – I am delighted to welcome you to Issue 2 of the relaunch of HMPI. We are continuing to publish articles that are central to HMPI’s core goal: To draw from the research and experience of scholars and practicing leaders to provide relevant insights for public and private organizations in the international health sector. Read More

Also in this Issue

Health Services
M. Chris Gibbons & Yahya Shaikh, Johns Hopkins, FTC, Greystone

A Vision of the Future: Organization and Delivery of Healthcare in the Digital Age

The current health sector, insurers, or government will not control healthcare

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Regina Herzlinger, Harvard, & Clay Wiske, NYU

Disseminating and Diffusing Internal Innovations: Lessons from Large Innovative Healthcare Organizations

How to spread innovation throughout healthcare organizations

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Health Services
Michael Lefferts, Tina Liu, & Jonathan Friedlander, Harvard

Scenario Planning Tools for Organizations Struggling with Healthcare Reform Uncertainty – The Case of Oscar Health Insurance

Scenario planning can help healthcare organizations survive uncertainty

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Value Chain Integration
Yousef Abdulsalam, Kuwait Univ., Eugene Schneller, Arizona State Univ.

How Much Do U.S. Hospitals Spend on Medical Supplies?

In 2013, U.S. hospitals averaged $3.8 million for tangible supplies, 15% of total hospital expenses

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Steve Bonner, Harvard; former CEO, Cancer Treatment Centers

Clear Vision+ Great Culture + Disciplined Strategy = Winning Innovation

Successful innovation requires strategic purification, culture optimization, and clear structure and decision-making

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Health Services
Sashidaran Moodley, CareMore; Anant Vasudevan, Harvard; Kevin Schulman, Duke

Strengthening the Private Health Sector in Africa: the PharmAccess Solution

Innovative private healthcare services can improve access to high-quality care in resource-constrained environments

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Global Health
Nora Brown; Sandra Dratler; Muhammad Pate; Kristiana Raube; Will Mitchell

Improving the Management Skills of Primary Healthcare Leaders: The “Mid-Level Management Training” Program in Nigeria

Training led by content and context can improve management skills of mid-level primary healthcare workers

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Steven Ullmann, University of Miami School of Business Administration

Education, Prevention, Access, and Efficiency: Notes and Insights from a Conference of Health Care System Leaders from the Americas

Public-private partnerships are central to improving healthcare in the Americas.

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